I'm LuHanieXiaoLu .. ^.^
You can call me Anything, but I prefer if you call me Lulu or Baba. She / her, Indonesian, 98 line, INFJ.

I love EXO too much and of course I'm a EXO-L. I'm also a Multi Fandom but I really like Artist SM. Any Time ...

I'm Markhyuckist hardstand. I don't know why, i like both of them. And that doesn't mean i don't like other. I like anything according my mood.

Happiness is when I can learn many things and understand everything ^.^

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  2. [Book II] Perfect? Imperfect

  3. It Hurt's .. (Completed)

  4. Hangat, Musim Dingin Bersama Mu (Completed)

  5. Imagination Of Love (Completed)

  6. Stories About Love

Perfect? Imperfect

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"In life there are things you have to do, even if you don't want to. You are the great person" - Xiao Lulu

"I'll no longer go full throttle. Instead, I'll walk slowly enjoying every step of the journey. At my own pace, following my rhythms" - Mark Lee

"Make your dream happen" - Lee Donghyuck